Lisa Taylor

Group: 2nd Friday of Every Month


New York, NY





Motivation, Groundedness, Management, Teacher training, Taking action

About Lisa Taylor:

Lisa Taylor began Evolution Power Yoga 20 years ago. Long before boutique fitness studios or yoga was prevalent in large cities, Lisa was convincing the small town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, it needed yoga. Faced with picketing and protests opposing the introduction of a yoga studio, a singular focus to creating transformations on mats paved the way for the Evolution Power Yoga of today.

As the new mother of 3 young daughters and the full-time role of parent, Evolution Power Yoga began as a hobby. Instinct and passion rather than a plan were the guiding principles in the early years. A marketing major in college and early sales experience helped forge the way to success. For many years and still today, Lisa travels and teaches with her mentor and teacher, Baron Baptiste. She has helped to create and deliver the programs of Baptiste Yoga, The Africa Yoga Project, and the Baptiste Foundation to thousands. Continuing her personal growth and sharing it in the Evolution Power Yoga community set the stage for personal growth as a way of life. As the students of Evolution Power Yoga changed their lives through the practice, they changed who they were as leaders in their businesses and families, changing the fabric of the city.

The Evolution Power Yoga brand is comprised of four studio locations with 65 teachers, 115 power vinyasa classes each week and a million in annual gross sales. Aim to Empower is Evolution Power Yoga’s non-profit arm, bringing the tools of yoga to those in the community who otherwise would not have access. Evolution’s free access to live yoga classes has reached over 72 countries. A new online studio platform, Evolution Go, is expanding Evolution Power Yoga’s online reach to the world with professionally filmed subscription video content.


Modality: Yoga

Number of locations: 3

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About Evolution Power Yoga:

I am Evolution Power Yoga, and this is my Story…

I am a space of exploration and expansion. My work begins with the physical body, and from physicalness expands into all dimensions of life. I am a quiet community builder, a space to connect, create, and contribute. I inspire individuals to live empowered and create freely.

When the Evolution Power Yoga journey began, it wasn’t clear where it would lead. Yoga, like life, happens that way; you make decisions, take risks, try new things, step your foot out the door, and pave the path to bold new possibility as you go.