Lindsey Kaalberg

Group: 2nd Friday of Every Month

Founder & CEO

Naperville, IL





About Lindsey Kaalberg:

It’s that epiphany-inducing moment during the come-down in your favorite hot yoga class, when you experience the ultimate release of something you had no idea you were holding on to: it cuts just one more tie to life as a mortal.

Lindsey loves to dig in, until she gets to the bottom of things, especially when it comes to her soul or a bottle of cabernet.  Off the mat, Lindsey lives her yoga.  That is not to say her life is “calm and relaxing” by any means, but she is not afraid to leverage her hot yoga classes to get through the wildest situations.  Don’t be shocked to find her with a glass of wine in hand, or carrying her two pups in one arm. Yoga is about non-judgment, so we must have a little fun along the way!

In her hot yoga classes she holds an open and safe space that fosters vulnerability and exploration. Through her love of R&B and Hip Hop, class will feel soulful and fresh. Her sequencing is creative and the intricacies continue to flow as Lindsey weaves in philosophy and her views on how to practice yoga in a way that works in YOUR life. We may not be in the Himalayas, but that doesn’t mean we can’t practice yoga every single day.

If you are ready to sweat, Lindsey is waiting for you.

Modality: Yoga

Number of locations: 3

Virtual Fitness Platform: Zoom

About Ritual Hot Yoga:

The Ritual Experience

Ritual Hot Yoga is here to change everything. From the yoga studio experience, to the practice, to the business philosophy that provides for sustainable full-time careers in yoga, you’ve never felt anything like this before. Just because the yoga industry in the United States has only operated one way–contract instructors; cookie-cutter classes; inconsistent class quality; and a cut-throat grab for marketshare that places profits over people–does not mean that it always will be that way. Ritual Hot Yoga is the start of the revolution.

The Studio Experience

From the moment you enter the studio doors, let the experience surprise you. Students are welcomed by a concierge, a comfortable seating area, and complimentary water and tea. The studio is all-inclusive; premium mats and mat towels, showers, essential-oil bath products and shower towels, and all those sweet touches you might crave before or after practice have been considered and provided.