Hye Jin Kalgaonkar

Group: 3rd Friday of Every Month

Founder & CEO

Indianapolis, IN






About Hye Jin Kalgaonkar:

Hye Jin Kalgaonkar is the CEO and founder of The Hot Room®, with four current locations and two more to come in 2020. The Hot Room is currently supported by 55 employees in the Indianapolis and Chicago territories.

Upon graduating from the University of Washington Business School, Hye Jin started her career as a pharmaceutical sales rep for Eli Lilly and Company. She continued her career with roles in brand marketing, sales management, HR, and operations. While living overseas for several years, she pursued her yoga and pilates teaching certifications after having her first child. While overseas, Hye Jin had the opportunity to teach all over the world. When it came time to return to the US, she made the decision to leave her career and open the first Hot Room studio in Indianapolis.
Launched in 2013, The Hot Room introduced a fresh, welcoming approach to teaching hot yoga. After traveling and taking classes at hundreds of studios around the world, Hye Jin knew that there had to be a better way to make hot yoga accessible to anyone no matter their ability level and with the beginner in mind.

In a short 6 years, Hye Jin and her team have grown her small business to a multi-million dollar company and is recognized as a leader in the world of hot yoga. She has cultivated a diverse community who is passionate about the healing and transformative benefits of a hot room practice and who want to grow the company beyond the Midwest. The company is also making an impact nationally with the creation of the Hot Room Leadership Institute and global hot yoga and hot pilates wellness retreats.

Modality: Yoga

Number of locations: 4

About The Hot Room®:

Our Mission

We create a community where anyone, no matter your ability, feels safe and inspired to heal and strengthen your body and mind. Our studios are positive, welcoming and challenge you to live your best life.