Gavin McKay

Group: 4th Friday of Every Month

Founder & Managing Partner

Philadelphia, PA





Studio operations; Location selection; Local marketing

About Gavin McKay:

Gavin McKay is a battle tested entrepreneur and pioneer in the fitness studio industry with 14 years of experience creating and managing fitness studios and events. His broad experience includes business strategy, management, operations, marketing and sales. Gavin speaks and mentors new studio owners in making their vision a profitable reality.

About Unite Fitness:

Most people say that they were in the best shape of their lives when they were young athletes. By joining a sports program we challenged ourselves to improve by committing to a weekly training schedule designed to increase our overall fitness and reduce the risk of injuries as we honed movement skills. We were led by motivational coaches and joined by teammates that kept us honest and smiling. This comprehensive formula delivered the challenging, heart stirring experiences that drove high levels of performance, pride and engagement. That was until adulthood when staying fit became more of a lonely chore.

At gyms I saw everyone alone, earphones on, playing with their phones to remain distracted. In this basic approach each set requires new motivation to not walk out the door. Most people haven’t been educated in exercise and simply don’t know what to do or how to do it right.

In group training I saw vast quality gaps and chaotic schedules of single modality classes of just cycling, just core, just strength, just yoga, and so on. Few provided the complete program nor the consistency needed to get good, healthy results without repetitive use injuries. The body is an organic computer and needs clear, consistent programming to know what to adapt to, while the mind requires a challenge, plan and accountability to remain focused or it’s off to the next thing.

This is why I created Unite. To give you the best people, place, and program to ensure you get fit, strong and lean without the risk of injury. To engage you thoroughly in every workout so you happily give your all and can enjoy the results. I challenge you to complete all 3 months of the UNITE training program without getting addicted to how it makes you look and feel.

See you in the Studio.