Cyndi Weis

Group: 2nd Friday of Every Month


New York, NY





About Cyndi Weis:

Cyndi has led a multi-faceted career. She has been a dietitian/holistic nutritionist for over 25 years, counselor/life coach, entrepreneur, and holds advanced certifications in both yoga and meditation. Cyndi is an expert on the effect of lifestyle, food, yoga and spirituality as it relates to one’s well-being. A true entrepreneur, Cyndi opened breathe yoga & juice bar in Pittsford, NY in 2002 when she put all the things she loved together under one roof: yoga, an organic juice bar, and a lifestyle boutique. Breathe now has seven locations in Upstate New York, five are franchises.


Modality: Yoga

Number of locations: 7

Virtual Fitness Platform: Zoom

Additional Tech Platforms: Thinkific, Brandbot

About Breathe Yoga & Juice Bar:

In 2002 the story of breathe began. I had this idea to put everything I love most under one roof: yoga, healthy eating, specialty shopping and most of all, family.

It amazes me to see where we’ve come from since then. What started as a personal hobby has turned into this incredibly vibrant and dynamic community of people. I use breathe as a platform to share what I’m inspired by and in turn I’m blown away by the kind of people who walk through our doors and I am inspired all over again. It is very full-circle and something I never expected when I opened years ago. It even prompted our tagline “live life inspired” which is not something that originated back in 2002 but is a reflection of the growth of breathe and the people within it.

Even though we have come a long way, it feels like the tip of the iceberg. We still have a long way to go and there is more I want to do and more I want to share. If you have been a part of breathe in any way over the years I am grateful for your presence and support, breathe would not be the same without you. If you have never been in, or have not been back in a while, I’d love to see you or meet you somewhere along the way. It is a belief of mine that when we establish a greater connection to ourselves we are able to have a greater connection to others. When that connection is strong and fulfilled it is then we are able to take the gift of our life and live it inspired.