Becky Cerroni

Group: 4th Friday of Every Month

CEO and Co-Owner

Westport, CT & San Antonio, TX





Management & Strategy; Ocean Conservation Policy Expert

About Becky Cerroni:

Becky Cerroni is CEO and Co-Owner of JoyRide Cycling + Fitness. She is passionate about fitness and the innovative JoyRide team. She has degrees in Biology/Environmental Science from Lake Forest College and a Master’s Degree in Ocean Policy from the University of Miami. Becky spent more than ten years managing global programs for large organizations like the Wildlife Conservation Society and The Nature Conservancy. After becoming a client of JoyRide while living in Connecticut in 2011, she quickly fell in love with JoyRide’s signature athletic workouts and warm community vibe. When she relocated back to San Antonio in 2013 with her family, opening two JoyRide studios in San Antonio was a dream realized. She now leads JoyRide’s six studios nationally, from a home base in Westport, CT, and she spends as much time taking JoyRide’s killer Joyful workouts as possible.
When she is not leading JoyRide’s team of incredible instructors and studio staff, she helps to create public fitness programs to bring JoyRide outside to important public venues such as the Ridgefield Playhouse, The Tobin Center for the Arts, the Pearl, on the San Antonio River and Confluence Park. Becky is most proud of JoyRide’s authentic community that connects with clients ages 16-75. In fact Good Morning America recently called JoyRide one of the most inclusive gyms in America. In 2020, Becky became a lululemon ambassador and an active member of YPO Greenwich. She lives in Connecticut with her family and commutes to Texas on a monthly basis.


Modality: Indoor Cycling

Number of locations: 6

Additional Tech Platforms: Loyalsnap, Mailchimp, Google Drive, When I Work

About JoyRide Cycling + Fitness:

JoyRide has all your fitness needs under one roof.
We’re One-Stop-JOY.

JoyRide Cycling + Fitness is an inclusive, supportive community that empowers our athletes (yeah, you!) to use the strength built inside the studio as a tool to live a BIG, JOYful life. We are stronger together: from the welcoming front desk staff to the top-rated rockstar instructors, we are a community joined by a common philosophy.

Our high-quality boutique classes tone every muscle in your body while improving your state of mind! Think calorie-torching, endorphin-surged, high-energy group fitness classes for everyone – no matter your age or fitness level. In addition to our award-winning indoor cycling classes, we offer a variety of strengthening, lengthening and resistance classes. When the lights go down and the music turns up, we become one team working toward a common goal on our journey.