The BFS Mastermind Program was created specifically for successful boutique fitness studio owners with a fierce determination to grow their business exponentially… despite the pandemic.


  • This is a safe community built on a foundation of trust and respect and everything discussed during our Meetings shall remain completely confidential without exception.


  • None of the meetings shall be recorded and each Member agrees that any notes taken by him/her during a meeting shall be for his/her own private use and shall not be shared with anyone outside of the Group nor published in any forum.  This prohibition applies to every Member’s employees, independent contractors, advisers and investors.


  • Members can expect to be asked to leave the group if they violate the trust of the group or act in a way that hurts the group or any of its Members.
  • You have all been invited to join this Group because you are leaders in your community and in the boutique fitness industry.  Therefore, we request that you treat each Member with the respect, kindness and courtesy that you expect to receive.

  • We request that you be an active participant in the meetings while refraining from dominating the conversation.
  • We request that all members arrive on time to all meetings. If you are not able to attend a meeting, please email support@boutiquefitnesssolutions.com 24 hours in advance.


  • At the beginning of each meeting, there will be a group check in.  Please be prepared to discuss progress made on goals since the prior meeting.


  • At the end of each meeting, Members should be prepared to indicate the goals they plan to focus on prior to the next meeting.